Pre-Approved Appraiser Panels

people-in-handsAs a national provider of valuation services for over 25 years, Nations Valuation Services (NVS) has become deeply rooted within the appraisal community, touting an average tenure of over 9 years for our appraiser partners.

Coupled with our existing panel of over 25,000 appraisers, NVS provides our lender partners the ability to customize a preferred panel that will be subject to our vetting process and will be rotated based on performance and quality ratings which are applied through our proprietary scoring system.



Establishing a Pre-Approved Panel and Protecting You, the Lender, in the Process

Freddie Mac allows lenders to use a pre-approved list or panel to select an appraiser, provided that (1) any employees of the lender tasked with selecting appraisers for the list are independent of the loan production staff; and (2) the loan production staff is not involved in selecting appraisers from the list for particular appraisal assignments.

Because of the regulatory compliance surrounding the implementation of a pre-approved panel, NVS ensures that the proper protocols are followed as it pertains to; (1) who within the organization are selecting the appraisers, (2) the vetting of the preferred panel, and (3) the
on-going scoring of the appraisers as well as any subsequent disciplinary action.

***Please note that notwithstanding any statement contained above, or anywhere on this website, NVS is committed to strict adherence to Appraisal Independence Requirements. All statements and associated policies are subject to change without notice in order to maintain compliance with state and federal regulations.***

Pre-Approved Appraiser Panels