Approved Appraiser Panel

Nations sets up Approved Clients to provide their chosen Panel Appraisers that have good track records and excellent history locally with consumers and realtors!

Nations Panel Clients may enjoy two (2) types of set ups:

  1. Nations only works with Appraisers on the Creditors approved list! Or;
  2. Mix in Nations’ Approved Appraisers as instructed area by area, to provide even better coverage for challenging properties, and rush orders!

Creditor Work Flow & Compliance Safety for Panels

Nations has the history over 25 years, and the expertise, to properly vet appraisers prior to adding them to a clients preferred panel or to Nations’ panel.

Nations is a leader in understanding an appraiser’s qualifications and performance history, with a nationwide internal panel built since 1989. As a result, Nations partners with clients to maintain an ongoing well established panel, with always updated licensing and E & O coverage for all appraisers on a Creditors Panel.

Nations protects the Creditors responsibility for assigning appraiser panel creation, ordering, and communication to only those associates who are not compensated based on the closing of loans via ongoing status and tracking of all interactions. This includes anonymous electronic routing of assignments within Nations Trax software!

Nations is always available to assist in the development of a company’s Appraisal Policies, Guidelines, and Service Level Criteria, as well as, appraiser qualification review and panel placement and removal.

Nations Vendor Panel Management

Private Panels for Creditors

Ongoing Appraiser Credential Tracking

Appraiser Service Level Monitoring

Industry Policy Enforcement

Creditor Guidelines Development