NATIONSLINK Desktop Appraisal Product

Nationslink Flyer

NVS is proud to offer NATIONSLINK, a nationwide Desktop Appraisal with an Inspection for: Portfolio Lending, Home Equity, Securitizations, and Servicing.

Fast, inexpensive and compliant, this proprietary appraisal combines either an exterior only or interior / exterior inspection included within a USPAP & IAG Compliant Desktop Appraisal Report.


  • Provides an inexpensive Desktop Appraisal in less than 3 days, versus the high expense and long delays for a traditional field appraisal.
  • Reduces valuation risk with an appraiser’s value opinion supported by a physical inspection which may be exterior only or interior / exterior.
  • The appraisal is completed by a licensed or certified appraiser who utilizes recognized methods and techniques such as real time local MLS, Public Records, and Local Market Trends data, in their analysis.
  • Meets IAG & USPAP requirements for a low risk independent valuation analysis that is more accurate and meaningful than AVMs or BPOs.
  • Staff and seasoned Panel Appraisers nationwide, which are licensed or certified, offer local and geographically competent Reports.
  • Relevant comparable sales with both subject and comparable imagery.

Contact NVS to learn more about the speed, accuracy and compliance of NATIONSLINK.