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NVS has been a leader in valuation management for over 25yrs, since 1989, and has offered services to the country’s most reputable Large Bank lenders since the beginning. NVS is recruiting Preferred Appraisers in several key US Cities. The NVS Preferred Appraisers nationwide collectively have an average tenure of 9yrs with NVS; nearly twice as long as NVS competitors.


accountabilityAppraisalTRAX ™

Preferred Appraisers at NVS are provided additional software Collaboration to work on transactions and as a result this sets up delivering excellence in service. This is why NVS employs PROPRIETARY and state of the art appraisal software AppraisalTRAX TM during the order fulfillment process and helps Preferred Appraisers each step of the way.



quality-controlFirst Right of Refusal for all local Orders

NVS places emphasis on communication in an effort to keep Staff Appraisers aware of every milestone within the life of an appraisal order. With the Preferred Appraiser status at NVS, Appraisers are granted First Right of Refusal on all local orders in the counties they offer to NVS! This means long term stability for Appraisers in controlling work flows and maximizing NVS potential for income.


experience_accuracySpeed and Accuracy

In the mortgage market, EVERY order seems to be ordered as a “RUSH”. The speed and accuracy of NVS product deliveries is the result of Preferred Appraisers located nationwide in key US cities. With the Preferred Appraiser Status, Turn times and QC relationships with NVS get streamlined and easier to produce higher volumes of work for Appraisers with less time in corrections.




Get Paid Quickly as a Preferred Appraiser!

NVS is committed to providing credible appraisal reports that meet Federal, State and Secondary Market regulatory requirements and the best results always come from Preferred Appraisers. Since NVS began in 1989, paying Customary and Reasonable Charges to Appraisers, and paying quickly the NVS Preferred Appraiser has been a key to business success for over 25 years. Talk to your NVS representatives today about the qualifications to become a Preferred Appraiser at NVS, and have the opportunity to be paid quickly via ACH with no hassle!

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