Security and Compliance

NVS Security Flyer

Valuation Security & Compliance Information Services

As an SSAE-16 certified company, NVS routinely verifies controls are in place for data storage and security, and is tested by a independent 3rd party to verify compliance. This certification provides clients with the peace of mind that sensitive client and consumer information is at zero risk of being compromised.

In the unlikely event of a natural disaster or service center outage, NVS is tried and tested with full disaster recovery certification to ensure business continuity is maintained through one of our 3 operations center locations.

Nations uses secure backup servers to ensure high operational availability.

Industry Certification and Compliance

NVS understands the importance of Appraisal Independence. That’s why our entire fulfillment process is designed with controls in place to ensure we exceed all state and federal regulatory requirements with both AIR, and all state regulations.

NVS is licensed, bonded and insured as an authorized appraisal management company in all states who have mandated such legislation.

NVS is a huge advocate for payment of Reasonable and Customary Fees to appraisers. R&C compensation is imperative in maintaining the most competent appraisers in every market. Through use of our active-national fee survey and by allowing our appraisers to set their own fees, NVS ensures compliance with Section 129E of the Dodd-Frank Financial Reform and Consumer Protection Act.

NVS has been independently audited through one of the nation’s top firms to verify all of its controls and procedures meet or exceed the Appraisal Independence Requirements. WE ARE “AIR CERTIFIED”!

Refund/Cancelation policy

All cancelations are subject to lender contractual fees based on timing of cancelation. When refunds are applicable, Nations Valuation Services will process the credit within 24 hours. Please take note that financial institutes can take up to 3-7 business days to process the transaction.