Nations offers a complete line of appraisal services on a nationwide basis. Today, Nations has branches throughout the US, offering local expertise on a national level. Nations provides services to the largest financial institutions, as well as to homeowners directly. Nations offers solutions to over a thousand (1000+) local & national banks, real estate agencies, credit unions, and mortgage companies. Standard services include:

Client Teams

One major point that separates Nations from the competition is the client-centric environment which is created by forming a team for each specific customer. These teams engrain themselves as key members of each Lenders team, including a flexible schedule based on Lender footprint, and geography.


With the most advanced Technology solutions in the industry, Nations maintains interactive ordering, processing, and product download web sites. Clients often utilize Nations interfacing capabilities with Calyx Point, E-Pass, Real EC, OTX, BCE Emergis, and more. Nations state of the art technology makes NVS among the most efficient AMC’s in the marketplace.

Security and Compliance

Nations commitment to Security and Compliance issues is second to none. Nations was the first AMC to achieve compliance with SSAE16, and now continues to be a leader in Security by doing more to ensure that sensitive information is protected against identity theft and other threats.

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