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New TRID (TILA-RESPA Integrated Disclosure) regulations were introduced in October 2015 and no longer allow a 10% tolerance or variances in the cost for appraisal services.

To mitigate lender loss for appraisal services on atypical properties NVS introduces new NVS TRID Safe Pricing. If, after the Loan Estimate is delivered to the consumer, the appraiser discovers the residence is complex and requires a higher fee, NVS TRID Safe Pricing will protect the original fee. The Safe Pricing will stay intact and not go up!

Please note that some properties might be considered valid exceptions. Here is a partial list of unique properties that could qualify for a pricing change, even with TRID:

  • Unique architectural style
  • Historic homes
  • Highly unique properties for the market area
  • Locations such as island homes
  • Special use

Be sure to Google the property address to verify location and anything that may be considered unique!

No need to worry about time delays in obtaining an appraisal quote; lenders who order their appraisals with NVS have TRID pricing given in advance by state!

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